We sell data cabling and telephone cabling in adelaide

We sell data cabling and telephone cabling in adelaide
We sell data cabling and telephone cabling in adelaide 08 7200 2461 / 0404 610 900

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We strive to be the best in our field and hope to be the number one choice for customers in Adelaide in the domestic, commercial and industrial market sectors.

With years of cabling knowledge and experience amongst our cablers we are able to offer great advice and solutions.

We're proudly South Australian with a mission to provide all our clients with a smile on their face and a sense of value for their money.


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We sell data phone and alarm cabling in Adelaide

How will I use it?

Consider what the purpoe of your cabling will be, how will you use it both now and down the track.  Will you use it solely for internet or networking? what about audio and video transmission? Infrared remote controller sending, home automation, security ? 

We sell Aiphone in Adelaide

Aiphone is a leader

We exclusively install Aiphone intercom systems because they are a market leader in door and gate communications.

We sell data and phone cabling in Adelaide

TE Connectivity

TE, manufacturers of ADC Krone cable and components. We use only the best suppliers of data cable.

We sell ducted vacuum systems in Adelaide

Suck it up with ducted

We offer ducted vacuum systems too!  A whole home integated system is easier than you think.  Ask us today about our deals.

Payments & Warranty Policy (as @ December 2015)


Cabletecs offer services & products and are wholly committed to providing quality products installed by suitably qualified technical staff. Please observe the following before engaging our services and in the event of a fault - claiming a warranty. Failure to properly identify a warrantable item may result in further costs to you.

"Cabletecs" by definition means any and all of the following throughout this document:

Allister Davidson T/As Cabletecs

We do not provide advice in any way, all information supplied by Cabletecs is to be taken on an opinion only basis and legal and/or professional advice should be taken where you see fit.  We will not be held liable for any information being taken as advice.  This includes but is not limited to:

Brand Suggestions and Selections
Materials Suggestions
Parts Suggestions
Methods and Procedures



1.1 The client will pay the technician on completion by Cash, EFTpos, Credit Card or Direct Bank Deposit (EFT) unless the client holds a trading credit account with our office.
1.2 Direct Bank Deposit payments will be accepted if the transaction is completed while the technician is on site & a receipt is produced however we do carry mobile POS devices to make payments easier.
1.3 Cabletecs reserves the right to grant a 7 Day account to approved clients at our discretion should the need arise.
1.4 Should the client delay or default in respect to any payment due, Cabletecs reserve the right to charge a late fee equal to 18% of the total outstanding balance plus a $25 fee should the debt be referred to our collection agent.
1.5 Goods supplied are owned by Cabletecs until such time as payment is received in full and ownership is transferred.
1.6 We are flexible with our terms if we are asked from the beginning and we are contacted should difficulties arise, however it is our strict policy that goods will be removed from premises should no attempt at payment or contact be made beyond 28 days after invoice falls due. At this time debt collection action will be taken without any further correspondence.  Our agent's fees are $25 PLUS 18% of any outstanding balance.
1.7 Should goods need to be removed, a site visit fee of $220 is payable to re-connect / re-supply goods on top of our hourly labour cost to install those goods.
1.8 Un-paid accounts / accounts with un-paid late fees will not be eligible for warranty repairs claims.
1.9 Where payment balance of any project is beyond trading terms we reserve the right to charge any card on file pertainting to the same business or individual that has secured the booking or has dealt with payments to us prior to outstanding invoices. This shall be exclusively for accounts beyond trading terms agreed to.
1.10 Credit cards are accepted and we carry a mobile Eftpos machine in our van. All card transactions attract a fee of 1.25% for Visa, Mastercard and Amex. Diners cards are not accepted.  EFTpos attracts no fee.


2.1 All quotations supplied are in no way a final offer of our services. We reserve the right to alter quotations if we find it necessary to due to omissions on job scopes.
2.2 Quotations are valid for a period of 30 days only - on most occasions these can be extended however prices can vary for any number of reasons - we reserve the right to refuse quotation acceptances after 30 days.
2.3 All quotations are provided on an as-is basis and are not to be taken as professional advice. Should professional advice be required before having works undertaken it is best to check that our quotation addresses all your requirements.
2.4 Unless specifically stated in client specs, we assume all relevant information regarding works to be undertaken has been supplied to Cabletecs by the client. It is the client's responsibility to provide any relevant drawings and measurements. This includes but is not limited to floor plan dimenstions, carpentry dimensions, ceiling height clearances, air-conditioning vent locations, rack equipment width and depth, rack dimensions. Cabletecs will not be held liable for cabling installed in the direct path of such equipment if the client fails to advise of such obtrusion potential.
2.5 By accepting our quote and subsequently engaging our services you agree to all of our terms and conditions setout here in this terms and conditions document.  Acceptance of a quote and our terms is by either Email acceptance, payment of a deposit or payment of a progress invoice.
2.6 All of our quotes exceeding a value of $2000 AUD including GST are subject to a commencement deposit of no less than 30% of the quoted total price. Deposits are to be paid by Bank Transfer or Credit Card. Commencement of works at our discretion without receipt of a deposit are not a waiver of this clause and a deposit is still applicable.


3.1 If your works have a scheduled completion date, this needs to be passed on in writing and/or Email PRIOR to works commencing, failure to provide a completion date may result in delays to your project and/or handovers.
3.2 Delays caused by client and/or client's third parties or client's own clients may result in additional costs or delays to our completion.  We accept no responsibility should a project get delayed and in turn our completion is delayed.
3.3. It is expected that the client will provide all necessary dates in writing or Email and keep Cabletecs up to date at all times on key dates.  We use a 'best practice' approach to our works and as such will make a best effort to complete on times when delays have occurred however you waive your rights to any claim if a delay occurs.
3.4 Failure to supply completion dates and/or a shcedule of works waives any client's rights to a claim for damages and / or loss should our works over-run a client's scheduled completion - otherwise known as liquidated damages or incidental damages.
3.5 If delays are expected client agrees to give Cabletecs a minimum 48 hours notice.  Should works be halted we reserve the right to bill for financial losses incurred at our discretion.
3.6 Unless otherwise agreed by us in writing, we require 14 days' notice of any completion deadline, failure to do so will not gaurantee our completion will co-incide with your required completion.
3.7  We are not responsible for any financial losses incurred if our completion does not meet client's deadline.  By engaging our services, you waive your right to any claim to liquidated damages against Cabletecs or any of it's contractors, employees and/or it's director.
3.8  If a progress invoice remain unpaid during a project by more than 7 days, Cabletecs reserve the right to halt works on an ongoing project.  Such a stoppage may impact on completion times and as such Cabletecs will not be held responsible and liable for such delays.


4.1 The client shall inspect the Goods and, within14 days of installation, give notice to Cabletecs of any defect evident, this excludes active work sites where other trades may have the ability to damage goods at any time after they have been supplied and/or installed, in this instance there is no period for defect.
4.2 If the client fails to give such notice in that time, the goods shall be deemed to be in good condition & acceptable for the installation.
4.3 The client shall inspect any project within 14 days of installation, giving notice to Cabletecs of any works which do not meet expectation and/or specification documentation in order for consideration of rectification. This includes but is not limited to any sockets,cable and infrastructure supplied by us as well as test results and certification tests.
4.4 If the client fails to give such notice (in 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3) in that time, the project shall be deemed to be completed as per requirement. Any recifitication after such time will be billable at our discretion and as per Cabletecs's hourly charge out rate which is currently $143.00 per hour per technician inclusive of GST.


5.1 Cabletecs will not be responsible for faults/damages to any cabling or parts installation which was not installed by it's own employees or sub-contractors.  This includes structured cabling systems.
5.2 We will not issue any TCA or relevant compliance if cabling infrastructre was installed by any one other than Cabletecs.
5.3 Tests results will be supplied where appropriate however any faults are assumed to be due to previous installation of infrastructre.
5.4 Any defects found will be recetified as directed and costs will be applicable on an agreed or hourly basis.
5.5 Cabletecs assumes all previous installed infrastructre and/or components meet minimum Australia Standards and are compliant with Australian approval for use (i.e. C or A Tick compliance)
5.6 Cabletecs assumes all previously installee infrastructre complies with any state regulatory laws and / or rules.
5.7 Cabletecs will not be responsible for time over run should faulys be found on previously installed infrastructre.


6.1 Cabletecs will test all cabling at the completion of installation by minimum of wiremap for data cabling, tone testing for telephone cabling, light testing for fibre cabling and tone testing for coaxial cabling
6.2 Clients have 14 days to raise any concerns over testing results, after which time any claims are null and void.
6.3 Test results will be made available as soon as possible after tetsing. These will be Emailed and are deemed to be accurate at time of submission. Cabletecs are not responsible for varying test results thereafter.
6.4 Any certification testing required must be outlined before commencement of cabling and we must be provided with the manufacturer's and/or supplier's specific testing regime and standards including but not limited to: cable NVP, shielding testing requirements, screen testing requirements, standards and class requirements, channel, permanent link requirements.  Default testing assumes copper AS3080 standard requirements only.
6.5 Test results will be submitted at end of works by raw and PDF format.  Copper testing by either Fluke Cable IQ file for non certified test or by Fluke DTX/DSX file for all certification tests.  Fibre cabling test will be submitted by OTDR Fluke file.
6.6 All test results with a pass assume cabling complies with installation inlcuding but not limited to certification testing.
6.7 Certification testing can be performed on request and additional costs will apply subject to availability
6.8 OTDR fibre optic testing can be performed on request and additional costs will apply subject to availability


7.1 As stated by the manufacturer - i.e. Telephone Handsets, Network Hubs, Routers, Rack Units, Frames, etc.
7.2 5 Years in house warranty on all cables.
7.3 5 Years in house warranty on all Wall plates & fittings.
7.4 Not transferable after sale of property / business.
7.5 Un-paid accounts / accounts with un-paid late fees will not be eligible for warranty repairs.
7.6 Tenants employing Cabletecs will not be able to transfer warranty to the landlord or a new tenant.


8.1 5 (FIVE) years on all workmanship when Cabletecs have installed all infrastructure in place.
8.2 Not transferable after sale of property / business.
8.3 Warranty deemed void should Cabletecs close down, sell to new owners or change hands for any reason.
8.4 Warranty deemed void should any cabling, patch panel, socket and/or the likes be modified, removed or relocated by the client. Cabletecs cannot honour warranty repairs in such cases.
8.5 Tenants employing Cabletecs will not be able to transfer warranty to the landlord or a new tenant.
8.6 Un-paid accounts / accounts with un-paid late fees will not be eligible for warranty claims until payment is made.


9.1 Faults caused by Cabletecs's technicians working on pre-existing cabling and any cabling suspected to be installed illegally or as non-standard cabling and installed by other persons.
9.2 Inclement weather, fire explosion, acts of God or other like causes, interference from buildings, trees, transmitters, obstructions etc.
9.3 Loose plugs or leads.
9.4 Breakage and/or damage of in place cabling during requested cabinet change overs, relocations or alterations, including copper cabling and fibre optical cabling. We cannot be held liable for these types of damages as we cannot be in control of how these were initially installed.
9.5 Other persons interfering with the cabling other than Cabletecs's technicians, including but not limited to rectification, removal and relocation.
9.6 Damage caused to any hidden utilities caused by drilling into concrete walls or floors.
9.7 Faults in the carrier network (e.g. before the Network Boundary).
9.8 Damage caused by renovations.
9.9 Faulty phone/data cords not supplied by us.
9.10 Pests/animals chewing on wiring.
9.11 Corrosion caused by moisture.
9.12 Pre-existing cabling or parts.
9.13 Damage caused to cabling installed around carpet edge. (This is sometimes the only economical option to install a point in a desired location).
9.14 Damage caused by moving furniture or belongings to gain access for cabling.
9.15 Works and/or equipment that has been modfifed, removed, relocated by anyone other than Cabletecs including but not limited to sockets, cabling, patch panels, switches, hubs, alarm panels, keypads, speakers, TV outlets and similar.
9.16 Other events beyond our control.
9.17 It will be at Cabletecs's discretion as to whether or not a warranty item is repaired, replaced or refunded for that component.
9.18 Damage, loss of connectivity, system downtime or a combination there of deemed to have been caused by Cabletecs's and/or it's contractors as a result of unintended (read accidental) disconnection of client cabling. Examples of unintentional may be; poorly maintained cable management that results in a client's cable falling our of a rack or rack equipment.


10.1 Cabletecs will attempt to resolve any and all disputes as quickly as possible and hopes none arise but recognises that disputes can arise.
10.2 Any and all disputes do not waive your obligation to paying your invoice,  invoices overdue during disputes can be sent to collection and are still valid.  A dispute in progress does not authorise invoice delay.  All invoices during any dispute are expected to be paid in full by the due date.
10.3 Cabletecs reserves all rights to settle disputes in a manner of their choosing.  This may be one or some of the following:
      a. By full or part refund
      b. By rectifying the dispute
      c. A combination of A and B
10.4 Cabletecs will not be held liable should the client engage another contractor to rectify any perceived fault and/or damage unless Cabletecs is notified in writing prior to the rectification and Cabletecs agrees with such a suggestion.
10.5 You waive your right to indemnifying Cabletecs in any and all disputes, including any right to liquidated damages.

If you are experiencing a line fault please check the following before calling us:

1. Unplug any equipment connected to the phone line including any alarms, phones, faxes, modems, extension bells, etc.
2. Plug in a known good working corded phone and check each point.
3. Check that all cords are plugged in correctly.
4. Check that cords are plugged into the correct positions.
5. Turn computer equipment off for approximately 1 minute. Then turn back on.



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